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The first Sunday of September has been set aside as the official day to honour fathers in New Zealand and Australia.
The United States celebrate it on the third Sunday in June. But, did you know that in 1990, 140 million cards were sold for Mums while only 90 million were sold for Dads (in the US) And on Mother's Day, more long distance calls are made than any other day of the year. There's usually no trouble getting through on Father's Day, so there’s no excuse for not giving Dad a call if you don’t live at home!
Father & son
Dads love their toys and technology, so that includes computers. Send him an email or better yet one of our Cybercards with a personal message in it. Fathers appreciate cards just as much as Mums, so get to it!

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"It is a wise father that knows his own child."
William Shakespeare